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Recent publications and presentations

Please find below our most recent publications and related outreach activities, including academic and popular science articles, book chapters, policy briefs, project reports, and presentations for policy-makers, academics and the public. For information on our vision, research, education and networking activities, please see related webpages.


Academic articles on inner-outer transformation

  • Wamsler, C., Osberg, G., Osika, W., Hendersson, H., Mundaca, L. (2021) Linking internal and external transformation for sustainability and climate action: Towards a new research and policy agenda, Global Environmental Change, Volume 71. Online.

  • Wamsler, C., Hertog, I., Di Paola, L. (2022) Education for sustainability: Sourcing inner qualities and capacities for transformation. In: Revolutionizing sustainability education: Stories and tools of mindset transformation, Ivanova E., Rimanoczy (Eds.), Routledge. See here.

  • Fraude, C., Bruhn, T., Stasiak, D., Wamsler, C., Mar, K. A., Schäpke, N., Schroeder, H., Lawrence, M. G. (2021) Creating space for reflection and dialogue: Examples of new modes of communication for empowering climate action, GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 30(3):174-180. Online.

  • Woiwode C., Schäpke N., Bina O., Veciana S., Kunze I., Parodi O., Schweizer-Ries P., Wamsler C. (2021) Inner transformation to sustainability as a deep leverage point: fostering new avenues for change through dialogue and reflection, Sustainability Science, 1-18. Online.
  • Wamsler C., Schäpke N., Fraude C., Stasiak D., Bruhn T., Lawrence M., Schroeder H., Mundaca L. (2020) Enabling new mindsets and transformative skills for negotiating and activating climate action: Lessons from UNFCCC conferences of the parties, Environmental Science and Policy 112:112227-235. Online
  • Wamsler C. (2020) Education for sustainability: Fostering a more conscious society and transformation towards sustainability, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 21(1):112-130. Online.

  • Walsh Z., Böhme J., Wamsler C. (2020) Towards a relational paradigm in sustainability research, practice and education, Ambio 50:74–84. Online.

  • Wamsler C., Reeder L., Crosweller M. (2020) The being of urban resilience. In: Handbook of Urban Resilience, Burayidi, M., Allen, A., Twigg, J., Wamsler, C. (Eds.), Routledge. Online. Also available here.
  • Walsh, Z., Böhme, J., Lavelle, B. D and Wamsler, C. (2020) Transformative education: towards a relational, justice-oriented approach to sustainability, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 21(7):1587-1606. Online.

  • Hendersson, H. and Wamsler, C. (2020) New stories for a more conscious, sustainable society: Claiming authorship of the climate story, Climatic Change, 158(3), 345-359. Online.
  • Brink, E. and Wamsler, C. (2019) Citizen engagement in climate adaptation surveyed: The role of values, worldviews, gender and place. Journal of Cleaner Production, 209:1342-1353. Online.

  • Brossmann, J. Islar, M. (2019) Living degrowth? Investigating degrowth practices through performative methods, Sustainability Science 15:917–930. Online.

  • Wamsler, C. (2019) The role of individual inner dimensions and transformation in sustainability research and education. In: Sustainability and the Humanities, Leal Filho, W. and McCrea, A. C. (Eds), Springer. Online.

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Academic articles on mindfulness and emotional intelligence

  • Wamsler C., Restoy, F. (2020) Emotional Intelligence and the Sustainable Development Goals: Supporting peaceful, just and inclusive societies. In: Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, Leal Filho, W., Azul, L., Brandli, P., Özuyar, G. and Wall, T. (Eds.). Springer. Online.

  • Frank, P., Fischer, D. and Wamsler, C. (2019) Mindfulness, Education, and the Sustainable Development Goals. In: Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Quality Education, Leal Filho, W., Azul, L., Brandli, P., Özuyar, G. and Wall, T. (Eds), Springer. Online.

  • Wamsler, C. (2018) Mind the gap: The role of mindfulness in adapting to increasing risk and climate change. Sustainability Science, 13(4), 1121-1135. Online.

  • Wamsler, C., Brink, E. (2018) Mindsets for sustainability: Exploring the link between mindfulness and sustainable climate adaptation, Ecological Economics, 151:55-61. Online.

  • Wamsler, C., Brossmann, J., Hendersson, H., Kristjansdottir, R., McDonald, C. and Scarampi, P. (2018) Mindfulness in sustainability science, practice, and teaching, Sustainability Science, 13(1):143-162. Online.

  • Wamsler, C. (2017) How mindfulness can help the shift towards a more sustainable society, The Conversation. Online.




Popular science articles & policy briefs on inner-outer transformation

  • Article in Medium titled “What story do you want to live?” Online.

  • Article in Medium titled “The being of change: Why our minds matter for sustainability”. Online.

  • Article in The Conversation titled “How mindfulness can help the shift towards a more sustainable society”. Online.

  • PreventionWeb news on “How mindfulness can help the shift towards a more sustainable society”– The knowledge platform for disaster risk reduction. Online.

  • Other recent articles featuring the research of the Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program in English, e.g. in Open Democracy titled “Mindfulness and social change”, and different LUCSUS news articles on Sustainability Mindsets, transformative research and education, and mindfulness.

  • Articles featuring the research of the Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program in Swedish, for instance in,, YogaFörDig, Sydsvenskan, Landetsfria and Dagblad.

  • IASS Policy Brief 5/2021 titled “Fostering reflection, dialogue and collaboration among actors at the UN Climate Change Conferences”. Authors: Mar, K.A., Fraude, C., Bruhn, T., Schäpke, N., Stasiak, D., Schröder, H., Wamsler, C., Lawrence, M. Online.



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Presentations, pod-casts and interviews

  • Stanford University, Contemplation by Design Summit, October 25 - Novembers 2, 2021, presentation on: Inner Transformation and Sustainability. Online.

  • Dallas College Sustainability Summit, November 5, 2021, with Jamie Bristow (Mindfulness Initiative), presentation title: Can mindfulness and compassion training increase responsiveness and resilience to the climate crisis? Online.

  • Mind&Life 2021 Summer Research Institute, The Mind, the Human-Earth Connection, and the Climate Crisis, Panel Discussion Science Forum on: The science of social change for sustainability (featuring Elissa Epel, Karen O’Brien, Ed Maibach and Christine Wamsler).

  • Mind&Life 2021 Summer Research Institute, The Mind, the Human-Earth Connection, and the Climate Crisis, Workshop by Christine Wamsler on inner transformation and sustainability.

  • MindShift Conferences, November 2020 and May 2021. LUCSUS is part of the cooperating organisations and Prof. Christine Wamsler is part of the expert panel on the development of the inner development goals (IDGs). Panel discussion about the IDGs & presentation on the science of inner transformation and sustainability. Online.

  • COP 26 EU side event on the role of leadership (and inner qualities, such as compassion) in organisations with large systemic impact. Panel featuring Prof. Christine Wamsler together with Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director-General of the European Commission and Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini. Event coordinator: Petra Manderscheid, Executive Director of the EU Joint Programming Initiative Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (JPI Climate). Online.

  • Inner Green Deal Podcast Episode 03 – What role do mindsets play in activating sustainable development and climate action? Online. The transcript of the Episode can be accessed here. Note that the PodCast includes also a discussion on the role of mindfulness/ contemplative practices for supporting sustainability and climate action.

  • The international journal Moment-by-Moment has in their edition "Strong Women" has published an interview with Prof. Christine Wamsler, discussing the background, work and impact of the Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program, including research on mindfulness and its relevance for politics. You can find here the original German version and a rough English translation.


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Forthcoming publications

  • Wamsler, C., Bristow, J. (2022) At the intersection of mind and climate: Integrating inner dimensions of climate change into policymaking, forthcoming.

  • Wamsler, C., Osberg, G., Panagiotou, A., Smith, B., Stanbridge, P., Osika, W., Mundaca, L. (2022) Meaning-making in a context of climate change: Supporting agency and political engagement, forthcoming.

  • Osberg, G., Wamsler, C. (2022) Transition to a post-carbon society: How to support the emergence of political agency through city-citizen cooperation?, forthcoming.

  • Wamsler, C., Osberg, G., Mundaca, L. (2022) Rethinking political agency: The role of individuals' engagement, perceptions and trust in transitioning to a fossil-free transport system, forthcoming.

  • Stenfors, C., Ramstetter, L., Wamsler, C., Rupprecht, S., Osika, W. (2022) Compassion towards others versus self show differential associations with own wellbeing, and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviour, forthcoming.

  • Ramstetter, L., Osika, W., Stenfors, C., Rupprecht, S., Wamsler, C. (2022) The role of mindfulness and compassion for supporting individual, organisational and systems change for sustainability and climate action, forthcoming.

  • Wamsler, C. (2022) Transformative Climate Policy Mainstreaming - Engaging the Political and the Personal, forthcoming.

  • Pöllänen, E., Walter, O.; Bojner Horwitz, E.; Wamsler, C. (2022) Education for sustainability: Understanding processes of change across individual, collective and systems levels, forthcoming.

  • Wamsler, C., Mulligan, J., Bukachi, V., Mumbi, C. (2022) Activating transformation: Integrating interior dimensions of climate change in adaptation planning, forthcoming.

  • Mar, K., Schäpke, N., Fraude, C., Bruhn, T., Wamsler, C., Stasiak, D., Schroeder, H., Lawrence, M. (2022) Towards a new climate of communication at the COP: Recommendations to foster collaboration with and among non-state actors, forthcoming.

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