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Our Mission

Our mission is to relieve suffering and support a more sustainable and just world through a scientific understanding of the mind for societal and planetary well-being.

We support world-breaking research with real-world impact: New science on the role of the mind - awareness, connection, insight, purpose & agency - for social change and transformation. Please find here our latest research and publications.

Our Vision

Founded by Professor Christine Wamsler, the Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program envisions a more sustainable, kinder and compassionate world.

Sand Dunes
"I envision a day, when inner, mental work will be seen as an integral part of our daily efforts for local, national and global sustainability. Addressing climate change and other societal crises is not only a matter of outer work. Such crises reflect how we relate to ourselves, others, the environment, and future generations. We urgently need to better understand how inner and outer transformation are co-created and interlinked, and identify what we can call ‘Inner Sustainable Development Goals’, that is: the inner qualities and approaches that we need to effect change toward sustainability." Christine Wamsler, Programme Founder and Director
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