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Since 2019, our work focuses on applying a conscious full-spectrum approach to our different Program activities, including both research and education, to increase their potential to achieve radical transformational change. In this context, we work with frameworks developed by Monica Sharma (RTLeads) and CChange (TLFS) as well as other approaches (e.g. The Sustainability Mindset, The Inner Green Deal, IDGs, UNDP-CoFSA, The Work that Reconnects) to identify how our innate, universal values and capabilities can create new patterns that effectively address sustainability challenges.

Part of this work is the identification and collection of methods and tools for improved, critical teaching and learning to support our education activities on this issue. We present below an overview of such tools (draft list). Information about the project in relation to our research activities can be accessed here.

Another part of this work is to advise organisations (such as the Science Center in Science Village) on how inner dimensions of sustainability can be systematically integrated in existing mechanisms and structures, to achieve radical transformational change .

  • Three-step-pedagogy of the Conscious Full Spectrum Response Framework for Radical Transformational Leadership. See here. For a recent publication on how to link this approach to climate policy integration, see here.

  • 'The Inner Pathways Guide for Faciliators'. See here

  • 'A Transformative Edge – Knowledge, Inspiration and Experiences for Educators of Adults'. See here.

  • 'Transformational Hosts International - Toolbox'. See here.

  • UNFPA's Step up pocket guide to social change for young leaders. United Nations Population Fund (2021). See here.

  • UNDP Conscious Food Systems Alliance Working Paper by Prof. Christine Wamsler et al. 2022: Theoretical Foundations for Supporting Inner Capacities for Sustainability and Associated Evidence-based Approaches/ Tools - An Overview (Online).

  • Compassionate systems awareness and leadership approaches by Peter Senge and others. See here.

  • Mindfulness- and compassion-based approaches. See here. For related leadership approaches see here. Toolkit related to sustainable consumption see here.

  • Compassion-based contemplative approaches for sustainability and climate action by Philippe Goldin. See here.

  • Joanna Macy & Molly Brown: Coming Back to Life and other tools related to The Work That Reconnects. See here.

  • Methods from the U:lab (Theory U). See here and related reflections here.

  • The IDG field kit and the associated research report (soon online).

  • For methods that are applied in the context of the 'Sustainability and Inner Transformation' course, see under Publications.

  • Etc.

Picture credit: One Resilient Earth

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