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Transformative Climate Resilience Education for Children and Youth: From Climate Anxiety to Resilience, Creativity and Regeneration

Sustainability and climate education tend to focus on environmental facts, whilst little room is given to inner dimensions of sustainability and climate change. Human inner development and potential that are needed for addressing societal challenges are hardly considered. Consequently, children and youth increasingly experience climate anxiety, associated overwhelm and denial.


CLARITY addresses these challenges. Its aim is to enhance educators' skills for nurturing inner resilience and reducing climate anxiety of learners through holistic learning approaches that link inner and outer dimensions of transformation. Based on the GreenComp Framework and an inter- and transdisciplinary co-creation process, we will develop an innovative educators toolbox and train educators in implementation. Through online hubs we will support related knowledge exchange and shifts in underlying paradigms and approaches.

As a result of the project, children and youth educators will be better trained to provide socio-emotional, creative, ethical and trauma-informed education that supports climate resilience across individual, collective, and system levels. This involves enhancing mental wellbeing of children and youth and building their capacities as transformative change agents. In addition, it involves creating fields of change through more regenerative cultures and communities of practice needed to address climate change and other societal crises.

Project partners of this ERASMUS+ project include: Lund University, One Resilient Earth, REAL School Budapest, Climate Creativity, Legacy17, and The Vision Works.

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